Suhas Subramanyam has dedicated his life to service and taking on tough fights to deliver real results for our community and our country.

Suhas’s family’s story in America began in Virginia in 1979, at Dulles Airport. His mother, a native of Bengaluru, India, immigrated to the United States to unite with his father, live her American dream, and pursue a career in medicine.

Suhas’s parents taught him the value of service from a young age and, while attending Tulane University in New Orleans, Suhas took those lessons to heart when he helped organize volunteers to rebuild the communities affected by Hurricane Katrina.

Suhas has since worked tirelessly to improve the health and prosperity of all Virginians and Americans. He served on Capitol Hill as a policy aide, where he worked to expand and improve health care access to millions of Americans, helped build a bipartisan coalition in support of the DREAM Act, and drafted legislation to increase job opportunities and funding for veterans. 

After earning his law degree with honors at Northwestern University, Suhas served as a White House technology policy advisor to President Obama. During his time in the Obama Administration, Suhas tackled some of the most challenging issues facing our nation, including addressing cybersecurity threats and modernizing government agencies so that they were better equipped to serve the needs of the American people.

After leaving the White House, Suhas started his own small business in Loudoun County and also served our community as a volunteer medic, EMT, and firefighter.

In 2019, Suhas won a competitive four-way primary for the Virginia General Assembly. He immediately got to work, fighting fiercely to secure common sense solutions for Northern Virginia families. When politicians on both sides of the aisle refused to take on Big Pharma, Suhas passed legislation to bring down drug costs and increase price transparency for consumers. When powerful private toll operators attempted to gouge Northern Virginia commuters, Suhas stood up to them and cracked down on egregious toll hikes. And when Virginia consumers were overcharged by hundreds of millions of dollars on energy bills, Suhas built a coalition across party lines to fight back, resulting in over $300 million in refunds to Virginia families. In Congress, Suhas will continue to take on the tough fights, standing strong against MAGA extremists, defending abortion rights, and working with anyone willing to put aside partisan political games and get things done for Northern Virginians.

He is married to Miranda Peña Subramanyam, who volunteers in her free time at the Dulles South Food Pantry. They currently reside in Ashburn, Virginia with their 2 daughters.