ASPIRE PAC Endorses Grace Meng for DNC Vice Chair

WASHINGTON—ASPIRE PAC (formerly CAPAC Leadership PAC) endorses Representative Grace Meng (NY-06) for Democratic National Committee (DNC) Vice-Chair.  

The ASPIRE PAC is the political action committee of Asian American and Pacific Islander Members of Congress and their supporters. It works to increase the number of Asian American and Pacific Islanders (AAPI) in Congress, and to support those with large AAPI constituencies. 

ASPIRE PAC is committed to diversity in government and believes that DNC leadership must also be representative of the candidates it supports. We endorse Rep. Meng because she is the candidate that can rebuild the party and she best understands the interests of the AAPI community.

As a DNC Vice Chair, Rep. Meng will focus her efforts on representing new and diverse constituencies within the Democratic Party. During the 2016 presidential campaign, she focused her efforts on turning out voters in the major Asian American communities, resulting in almost double the rate of early voter turnout in those communities-and a dramatic increase in the number of non-English and new media outlets with which the DNC communicated.

Rep. Meng's four-part platform will Listen, Nurture, Inspire and Lead. It is imperative that the DNC engage in a national listening tour; fundraise and invest in state and local parties; identify new candidates to ensure Democrats are represented in every race; register more Democrats than ever, and oppose all anti-democratic redistricting efforts. The full platform can be reviewed here.

Within the last decade, AAPIs have become the margin of victory in swing states. There are now a record number of 18 AAPIs elected to the 115th Congress. AAPIs represent 6 percent of the total U.S. population and is the fastest growing population in the United States. ASPIRE PAC will continue to support candidates who back the AAPI community and to inspire more AAPIs to become involved in the election process.