ASPIRE PAC Rebukes Senator Mark Kirk for Racist Comments Against Senate Challenger Tammy Duckworth

WASHINGTONASPIRE PAC Chair Grace Meng released the following statement on Senator Mark Kirk's racially charged anti-immigrant statement against Senatorial candidate Tammy Duckworth in the televised Illinois senatorial candidate debate last night:

"Senator Kirk's anti-immigrant rhetoric against Tammy Duckworth's heritage is inexcusable. Tammy is an American war hero who has served her country on the combat field, in the executive branch, and in Congress. I am appalled at his comments. This election cycle has set a new "norm" where attacks and racial slurs against immigrants and minority communities from those seeking elected office is fair game. Voters need to take a stand against racist behavior and ensure that we elect the right leaders, leaders who rise above prejudice and can move our country forward."